Testimonials - Next Step Physical Therapy


Below are excerpts from notes we’ve received from past patients. While these results are specific to each individual and in no way guarantee similar outcomes, we're proud of the successes we've had.

All excerpts are reprinted with the permission of each client and are only being used to share their success stories with others.

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"Next Step Physical Therapy did an outstanding job with me when I injured my back falling off a ladder at home. Chris had me doing a group of exercises including electrical stimulation that worked right away to relieve my pain. After a month of going in two times a week, I was better than before the accident. His staff was also very helpful with whatever I needed. If you need physical therapy look up Next Step. You will be glad you did."

Bob R.

"I could never imagine I would be almost entirely pain free in the short amount of time I have seen Chris over at Next Step Physical Therapy. I walked into his office with severe foot pain that I had been living with for over 2 years. Thanks to Chris and the work he put into not only helping me, but making me believe his approach would work, made all the difference. I could not be more pleased and only wish I had met him sooner."

Matt K.

"My experience, time doing the exercise planned by Chris for my shoulder were excellent. I came with pain in the right rotator cuff with very limited shoulder movement. Chris helped me so that I can avoid surgery (as I already have had 2 rotator cuff surgeries), and move my arm without pain. My experiences at Next Step Physical Therapy have been very positive and beneficial."

Elizabeth S.

"When I began physical therapy I was walking with a cane due to a traumatized knee. Now I walk without the cane and feel very secure. I also had shoulder pain due to severe arthritis. Upon completion of my physical therapy both range and movement of my shoulder has increased and the pain is far less severe. Physical therapy is the key and it works."

Sister M.

"I was hurt for five months and then came for physical therapy and in 3 weeks I am better."

(Mario S - a patient with low back pain)

"My orthopedist strongly recommended you. I've been to PT before but here at Next Step, I felt a difference. I was welcomed, supported, and encouraged throughout our sessions. In six weeks I was climbing up stairs to get to the subway without any pain."

(Margaret M. - a patient with knee arthritis)

"I never thought physical therapy would help my elbow, but within a few weeks I was back to 100%."

(Greg R. - a patient with tennis elbow)

"I saw and felt results after the first visit with you. I would not hesitate to recommend you to others in the future."

(Rita A - An individual who had spinal fusion surgery)

"The muscle loss in my leg was terrible. But with your help, concern, and professional help I am a new man. I have regained full use of my leg and foot. I have also been inspired to continue to exercise to maintain my health and stamina."

(Larry D - After breaking his leg)

"As you know, this is the third time I have had knee replacement. This last one was much more complicated as it was a revision. My recovery is much more complete. I believe it is due to your method of treating your patients on a one-to-one basis. You were constantly there, by my side, checking to see that I did each exercise the way it should be done. Since I have had a lot of experience with therapists, I know that they don't all work this way but I am sure that they should. I will certainly recommend you to anyone seeking a good therapist, as I feel you are the best."

(Carol G - A patient with a knee replacement)

"I did not think that I would improve very rapidly with this kind of injury. I've had frustrations and doubts that I would recover to resume my normal activities. You were very knowledgeable and helped ease my fears. I am ready to go! Thanks."

(Tim S - A patient with hip pain)

"They taught me now to identify my problem, work on them, and heal myself with physical therapy."

(Barbara S - A patient with back pain)

"I loved the remarkable progress that took place, making seemingly chronic pain disappear altogether over a few months."

(Mark S - A patient with neck and back pain)

"Thank you so much for making me 100% better. I now know how to deal with and manage pain, and that makes my life a lot easier. It was a pleasure coming into the office. The whole staff was so nice and it was a real pleasure working with you."

(Diane P - A patient with knee pain)

"I've been to other physical therapy places but none can give you the individualized attention that you get from Next Step Physical Therapy."

(Terry S - A Patient with shoulder tendonitis)

"I never thought that I'd be able to walk more than a block when I first started with Next Step...I can now do 1/4 mile."

(Beverly T - A patient with severe spinal stenosis)


"I had been diagnosed with a torn meniscus, arthritis and spurs on the knee and it was recommended that I have surgery. With Chris' analysis, program and plan for me, I was able to gain full strength and mobility and return to everyday activities we so much take for granted.

(Ann C - a patient with knee pain)